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EN 1350-7,BS 1881-106,ASTM C231

The Meter is the industry’s most popular kit for testing entrained air.Whether going into the ready mix truck or coming down the chute, it gives fast results. Always accurate. The kit contains everything needed to perform the test and — very importantly — to keep the unit in calibrationt measures the air content in fresh mix concrete. The test procedure equalizes a known volume of air in the pressure chamber, with the unknown value of entrained air in the concrete-filled base. The amount of air entrained is then read on the meter’s gauge as the direct percentage (to the nearest 0.1%) of air entrained in the concrete. The test is based on Boyle’s law. Also known as “Type B”. See full nstructions or refer to ASTM. This modern meter utilizes the principle of Boyle's Law and consists of a flanged cylindrical vessel and cover assembly incorporating a pressure gauge air pump and valves. The base can also be used for unit weight measurement of fresh concrete and aggregates. Supplied complete with calibration set.


Specification :

Capacity (L):
Air content range1-10%0-20%
± 0.1%(1%-8% of air
± 0.1%(1%-8% of aircontent);
± 0.2%(8%-10% of air
± 0.2%(8%-12% of
air content)
content)± 0.3%(12%-20% of
air content)
Dimension(mm)dia. 330 x 500200 x 320


The air meter unit consists of 2 main parts: the base (measuring chamber) and the cover assembly. The cast aluminum base has machine-flanged rims. The interior surfaces of the base and surfaces of rims, flanges and other component parts are machined to facilitate frequent water clean-up. The unit is designed for easy disassembly in order to replace worn or damaged parts in the field. The Super Pump is an important part of the Air Meter. It must be properly maintained to prevent air leakage. O-rings on the top of the pump and on the inside seal the unit. When the O-rings deteriorate, air can leak into the chamber and or debris can enter the pump.

Capacity (L):
Air content range0-10%0-50%
Accuracy± 0.1%(1%-6% of air content);
± 0.2%(6%-10% of air
± 0.1%
Dimension(mm)dia. 330 x 500dia. 200 x 320
Parts and Accessories :
Roller Meter - Syringe, 3 oz
Tamping Rod, 12 in (30.5 cm) with 5/8 in (15.9 mm) rounded tip
Pressure Chamber
2 Pressure Chamber Cap
3 Chamber Elbow
4 Chamber Gasket, two required (top & bottom)
5 Air Bleeder Valve Assembly
6 Air Bleeder Valve Cap
Gauge for Press-Aire Meter
8 Air Bleeder Valve Stem
9 Air Bleeder Gasket
10 Needle Valve Stem
1 Needle Valve Stem
12 Needle Valve Nut
13 Needle Valve Lever
14 Needle Valve Spacer
15 Needle Valve O-Ring
16 Needle Valve Spring
18 Needle Valve Seat
19 Lid
2 Lid Petcock, Instruction label
29 Aluminum Unit Weight Bucket - Base- .25 cu ft (7.1 L)
36 Needle Valve Stem O-ring, Gauge Glass, Latch Stud
44 Latch Clamp Tab
45 Latch Assembly for Lid
46 Pan Hd Screw, HD #10 x 1/2 in
61 5/16 in WB Nut
62 5/15 in x 1/8 in Adapter
63 O-ring, Needle Valve, O-ring, Super Pump Seal,
O-ring, Super Pump Piston Seal, Super Pump Check Valve
20 O-ring Lid Seal

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