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Brand : Matest,Forney,Gilson,Humboldt,Ele

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Code : B100

Standard Method : ASTM D4965-03 | CNR N° 141

Alluminium alloy made, complete with dial indicator and accessories,it is utilized to measure the deflection of the road surface when loaded by the wheels of vehicles. The beam is put in contact with the pavement under test between the tires of the vehicle.

The measurement of the deflection is performed when the vehicle passes over the test area. Lenght of the Benkelman beam is 2500 mm. Beam fulcrum ratio 4:1 Supplied complete with wooden carrying case.

Dimensions: 430 x 1800 x 350 mm approx.

Weight: 16 kg approx


Code : B102

Standard Method : ASTM D4965-03 | NF P98-200-2 | AASHTO T256

Basically similar to mod. B100 but manufactured according to the French Specifications. Beam fulcrum ratio 2:1 Complete with wooden carryng case.

Dimensions: 430 x 1800 x 350 mm approx.

Weight: 16 kg approx.



BENKELMAN INDICATOR GAUGE CALIBRATION UNIT, complete for mod. B100 and B102. To verify the accuracy of the apparatus.

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