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Clark Type Stiffness Tester


This tester is used to evaluate the stiffness of paper, plastic film, and textile according to the Clark's method. The operator is to clip the test specimen between the 2 rolls and rotate it left and right until the test specimen falls over 90°. When the test specimen falls over 90° the operator is to measure the brattish length to calculate the stiffness.


Specimen Paper: W15 to 50 mm (Standard 30 mm), L75 mm or MoreTextile: W20 mm, L150 to 200 mm
Roller φ29.0 ± 1.0 mm
Angle Scale Left-Right 0 to 90° (Scale 1°)
Chuck Rotation Speed 1.0 ± 0.1 rpm (Manual)
Dimensions/ Weight (Approx.) W250 × D200 × H260 mm, 3 kg

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