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Code : B085-07N

Standard Method :

EN 13702, 14770, 16659 | ASTM D7175, D4402,D4402M, D7405 | AASHTO T316, T350, M332, T315, M320

The Dynamic Shear Rheometer apparatus is used to characterize the viscoelastic behavior of bituminous binders, such as flow properties (shear viscosity from flow tests) and dynamic properties (viscoelastic modulus and phase angle from oscillation tests).

Different testing temperatures, especially with low temperatures, are possibile with a rapid temperature control due to peltier thermostating, Further measuring systems and cone-plate measuring systems according to the standard DIN are available.

Software for tests according to EN, ASTM and AASHTO allows:

- automatic and fast execution of all bitumen tests

- Automated evaluation and analysis of results according with AASHTO

- Estimation of Performance Grade

- Different test types for original binders, RTFO and PAV

- Grade Determination and PASS/FAIL conditions

- Bitumen Wizard for computer-assisted test execution

- Display and analysis of measuring data

- pre set profiles for automatic test execution

Complete with peltier temperate control, exchangeable basic plate

(Ø 25 mm), exchangeable basic plate (Ø 8 mm), measuring plate

(Ø 25 mm), measuring plate (Ø 8 mm), set of trimming tools

rubber moulds (Ø 25 mm and 8 mm) soft ware and 20 ml calibration liquid.

The Rheometer requires to be connected to a PC, which is not included.


  • Torque range: 0.1 to 150 mNm
  • Torque resolution: 0.002 mNm
  • Bearing: mechanical bearing
  • Speed resolution: 0.015 rpm
  • Speed range: 0...1000
  • Frequency range: 0.001...10Hz
  • Temperature range, total: -60 °C to 375 °C
  • Temperature range, Peltier: -10 °C to +180 °C
  • Temperature accuracy: ± 0.02 °C
  • Power supply: 110V or 230V 1ph 50-60Hz
  • Dimensions: 800x400x700 mm
  • Weight: 45 kg approx

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