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JIS-K6742 # K6743

This tester is used to evaluate the impact resistance of impact resistance hard vinyl chloride pipe (HIVP) and hard vinyl chloride pipe joint (HITS). The operator is to observe the destruction status of the test specimen after it has been hit by a falling weight that fell from a given testing height.

Specification :

Falling DartFlat Cylinder Bottom: Mass 1 kg, 3 kg, 9 kg
(3 kinds) Circular Cone: Mass 9 kg
ReceiverFlat type, V type (2 kinds)
Falling Height100 to Max 2,000 mm
Falling DeviceSolenoid Coil
Repeated Impact Prevention DeviceRatchet-Operated
Power SourceAC 100 V, 1-Phase, 15 A, 50/60 Hz
Dimension/ Weight (Approx.)W800 × D800 × H3,000 mm, 200 kg

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