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JIS-(K6382), K6400-4

This tester is used to repeatedly test compression residual strain of polyurethane foam and latex foam soft material according to the constant displacement method. Placing the test specimen between the two parallel plates and continuously repeating the compression to the test specimen 80,000 times at a compressing power so that the test specimen's thickness becomes 50 % of the initial size. 30 minutes after the test specimen has been repeatedly compressed, the decreasing rate of the test specimen's thickness is to be measured.

Specification :

Hanging : 2 Hangings

Specimen : T20 mm or More, Width or Length 50 mm or More

Compression Platen : 310 x 310 mm, Vent φ6 mm (Pitch 20 mm)

Compression Stroke : 10 to 100 mm (2 Lines Adjustable)

Compression Speed : 60 times/min.

Counter : 6 Digits Preset Counter

Option : Safety Cover

Power Source : AC 100 V, 1-Phase, 15A, 50/60 Hz

Dimensions/ Weight (Approx.) : W900 X D600 X H1,050 mm/170 kg

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