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Code : B059M

Standard Method : EN 1426 | ASTM D5 | AASHTO T49 | ASTM D217 | BS 1377-2 | NF T66-004 | DIN 52210 | IP 49 | JIS K 2207

SMARTIP is an automatic apparatus for the determination of the needle penetration value, avoiding any possible operator lack of concentration and ensuring a reliable repeatability of the results. It is a smart instrument thanks to the latest technologies adopted, the integrated microprocessor control and the user-friendly interface.

The instrument automatically reaches the contact point before starting the test and the penetration result is measured thanks to a high performance contactless displacement transducer. SMARTIP can be implemented with the device for an automatic measurement of electrically conductive samples (model B059M-01), in order to improve the material tested range.

An ultra-bright LED lamp helps the operator in checking the touching point of the needle while a stepper motor controls the vertical movement to reach exactly the desired point without any manual movement of the plunger. The needle probe is automatically released for each penetration thanks to an electromagnetic system and automatically blocked at the end of the test. The plunger comes back at the initial position at the end of each test by a simple recall command in order to re-positioning the needle before the new measurement.

A 7” touch screen display is included in the SMARTIP frame, easy to use. It shows in real time the penetration/time graph, the test temperature and the average result according to the number of tests done. Unlimited results can be saved on USB device for preparing a laboratory report and for further analysis.

SMARTIP is supplied complete with the accessories for determination of the needle penetration according to EN 1426, ASTM D5 and AASHTO T49 standards, and USB flash drive for saving data. Thermostatically controlled water bath, chiller, temperature probe PT100, device for an automatic measurement of electrically conductive samples and mirror can be ordered separately as accessories.


  • Fully automatic test, simply pressing the START button: approach, touch point, penetration.
  • Automatic identification of the needle contact point and needle positioning, avoiding any possible operator lack of concentration and ensuring a reliable repeatability of the results.
  • Electro-magnetic needle probe release to perform the test.
  • Automatic zero at the contact before starting penetration.
  • Penetration measurement thanks to a high-tech contactless displacement transducer with 0.01 mm resolution, in a range of 0 - 50 mm.
  • 7" touch screen display equipped with an userfriendly software and clear interface.
  • Real time display of penetration/time curve, average result and test temperature.



Same as B059M but implemented with device for testing electrically conductive samples.


Measuring range: 0 – 50 mm;

- Resolution: 0,01 mm;

- 7” touch screen display;

- Test time 5 s (adjustable from 0 to 9999 s);

- Programmable delay time: from 0 to 999 s;

- Programmable reference positions for holder assembly: 8;

- Test simultaneously displayed: up to 10;

- Connection: USB port and LAN port for PC connection;

Power supply: 110-230V; 50-60Hz 1ph

Overall dimensions: 325 x 400 x 730 mm

Weight approx.: 25 Kg approx.

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