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IQ2000 TSV kit, GeneReach Biotechnology

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IQ2000™ Detection & Prevention System uses the semi-quantitative PCR technology, is an ideal fits for specific pathogen-free (SPF) animal selection, evaluation of potential epidemic risk in culture environment, disease monitoring and control in aquaculture farms and hatcheries. It has been commonly employed in the aquaculture industry for disease diagnosis and prevention, and is a vital tool for determining emergency harvests or other important management decisions.

Features :

* Differentiates infection levels from light to severe.

* Uni-IQ program for simultaneous detecting DNA/RNA virus.

* Complete product line

Timing for use :

* Bringing new broodstock shrimps (or different sources of broodstock into a pool)

* After broodstock shrimps spawning

* Buying and selling (in post larva stage or any phase of shrimp)

* When clinical symptom(s) are appeared, or sudden death large amount shrimp.

* Condition of breeding environment changed.

* Regular time schedule.

Packing size : 200 rxns (including Extraction Kit)

Detection Limit : 10 copies/reaction

Reaction time : Approx. 3.5 to 4 hours

Quantitative capability : 3 to 4 different levels of infection can be differentiated

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