MATEST - Calorimeter & Langavan Calorimeter

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MATEST - Calorimeter & Langavan Calorimeter

Code : E061N


Standard Method : EN 196-8 / ASTM C186

Used to determine the heat of hydration of low heat Portland and hydraulic cement.

The apparatus consists of a Dewar flask contained in an insulated material and housed in a wooden box which is hinged so that the flask can be easily removed or replaced.

A second hinged wooden box contains the first one, granting a better insulation, as expressly requested by the a.m. Standards.

The Calorimeter is supplied complete with a constant speed electric stirrer, and filler glass funnel.

The standard supply does not include:

- the thermometer (to be selected from digital models; see accessories)

- the propeller (selecting it from the specific Standard; see accessories) which must be ordered separately.

  • Power supply: 230V 1ph 50Hz 150W
  • Dimensions: 350 x 250 x 680 mm
  • Weight: 12 kg approx.


E062-04 DIGITAL THERMOMETER. Resolution: 0.01 °C. Complete with probe, or:

E062-04N DIGITAL THERMOMETER. Resolution: 0.001 °C.

- Memory for 10000 readings

- Displays, stores and prints: min, max, mean values, delta T

- Alarm if limit values are exceeded

- Battery operated

E061-11 PROPELLER, conforming to ASTM C186 Specifications, or:

E061-12 PROPELLER, conforming to EN 196-8 Specifications.


V300-19 PARAFFIN WAX with melting point 55 °C to coat the glass parts which are in contact with the hydrofluoric acid. Pack of 5000 g.


E062-01 Dewar flask

E062-03 Filler glass funnel

Code : E062-10


Standard Method : EN 196-9

Used to measure the heat of hydration of cements by means of semi-adiabatic method.

The equipment consists of:

Testing calorimeter, calibrated, Ø 160 by 350 mm

Reference calorimeter (same of the testing one), without certificate. 50 mortar box and 20 sand bags.

Measuring system complete with two temperature probes, modem, software to record temperature, analyze and display data with wireless transmission to modem.

To perform the test a PC is required

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MATEST - Calorimeter & Langavan Calorimeter

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