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ASTM D4944 AASHTO T217 BS 6576

The FORNEY Moisture Tester is often compared to the older "Speedy." Ideal for determining the moisture in fi ne aggregates and granular materials, i.e. No. 4 sieve - soils, sand, clay, and powders – within seconds and in fi eld conditions. No calculations are necessary, the FORNEY gauge provides direct reading of the chemical reaction between the reagent (calcium carbide) and water to produce acetelyne gas pressure.

The Tester has everything needed, including instructions and charts. It will last a lifetime and all replacement parts are available from FORNEY. The kit comes in a heavy duty plastic case which is water tight, air tight and dust proof, features reinforced ribbing, a continuous Dri-Loc seal and a pressure release valve and will protect your Forney Moisture Tester from weather and rough handling. The kit contains vessel with gauge, Ohaus digital scale, scoop, cleaning brush, cleaning cloth and two steel pulverizing balls

Model Shipping Weight Product Number
Moisture Tester, Range 0-20%, 20 g 13 lb (5.9kg) LA-3405
Parts and Accessories Product Number
Portable Balance, 200 g x 0.1 g LA-0466-200
Moisture Tester and Gauge only LA-3405-01
Foam insert for Moisture Tester case, custom cut LA-3405-02
Plastic case for Moisture Tester, heavy-duty with molded handle, 19 X 14 X 7 1/8 inches LA-3405-03
Chrome Steel Ball, 1.25 in diameter , single (2 needed for Moisture Tester) LA-3405-04
Cleaning brush for Moisture Tester LA-3405-05
Brush, general purpose, for Moisture Tester LA-3405-06
Can opener for Calcium Carbide reagent for Moisture Tester LA-3405-18
Gauge Only, 0-20% LA-3405-19
Weight for Moisture Tester, 10 g LA-3405-21
Plastic scoop, 5 cc LA-3405-22
Calcium Carbide Powder , 1 pint cans, case of 12 LA-3451