Sartorius Cubis MSE Precision Balances

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Sartorius Cubis MSE Precision Balances

Sartorius Cubis MSE Precision Balances

The optimal solution for users who need to weigh with the highest accuracy, but demand lower complexity of weighing process and data management

MSE Precision Balances are part of the Cubis modular equipment series, which incorporates a precisely-machined second generation monolithic weigh cell for increased accuracy and ultra-fast response for quick results with outstanding repeatability. Cubis is the first and only balance to automatically check, perform and document its exact leveling. It also allows customization to meet specific laboratory applications to fulfill the most stringent requirements in addition to the ability to choose the weighing module and draft shield to allow a user to invest in only what is necessary.

  • Offer the highest level of safety by providing uncompromising reliability of weighing results and conformity to standards
  • Short measurement times result in time gained-for every single measurement
  • Come standard with Q-Level, the automatic motorized leveling function-provides valuable support to always have a leveled balance
  • Feature isoCAL, a fully automatic calibration/adjustment function
  • Q-Pan; Automatically minimizes off-center loading errors to maximize weighing accuracy
  • Interface, such as; Bluetooth™ (wireless), 9-pin RS232C with PS2 port (for the connection of a keyboard or barcode scanner) or an additional 25-pin RS232C port are optionally available
  • Draft shield and weigh pan can be quickly and easily disassembled and cleaned without compromising stability
  • Protected against dust and water
  • Offers a wide selection of accessories for extended options
  • Pan size: 140 x 140mm

MSE Display and Control Unit

  • Large, high-contrast LCD with clearly structured keys for precise activation of functions
  • Easy-to-understand menu guidance with short text prompts
  • Comes standard with built-in USB and 25-pin RS232C communication interfaces
  • Perfect the users who need to weigh with the highhest accuracy, but who have less complex application/communication requirements.

Specification :

Power supply : 100-240V, -15%+10%, 50-60Hz, 1.0A

Input Voltage : 15 VDC, + 5%

Power Consumption : 7w (max.)

Ambient Temperature : Operation +5°C to + 40°C

Highest Relative Humidity : 80% for temperature up to 31°C, decreasing linearly to 50% relative humidity for 40°C

Safety of Electrical Equipments : According to EN 61010-1:2001: Safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control, and laboratory use; Part 1: General requirements

Defined Immunity to Interference : Suitable for use in industrial areas

Interference Emission : Class B (suitable for use in residential areas and areas that are connected to a low voltage network that also supplies residential buildings)

Model Weighing Capacity Readability Repeatability ( < + ) Linearity ( < + ) Stabilization Time (S) Min.Sample Weight Mfr.No.
Draft Shield with Manual Doors
1203S 1200g 1mg 0.7mg 2mg 1s 1.5g MSE1203S-100-DE
2203P 1010g/2200g 1/10mg 1/6mg 5mg 1s 1.5g MSE2203P-100-DE
2203S 2200g 1mg 1mg 3mg 1s 1.5g MSE2203S-100-DE
3203S 3200g 1mg 1mg 5mg 1s 1.5g MSE3203S-100-DE
323S 320g 1mg 0.7mg 2mg 0.8s 1.5g MSE323S-100-DE
5203P 1200g/2400g/5200g 0.001/0.002/0.005g 0.001/0.002/0.005g 5mg 1s 1.5g MSE5203P-100-DE
5203S 5200g 0.001g 0.001g 5mg 1s 1.5g MSE5203S-100-DE
623P 150g/300g/620g 1/2/5mg 1/2/4mg 5mg 0.8s 1.5g MSE623P-100-DE
623S 620g 1mg 0.7mg 2mg 0.8s 1.5g MSE623S-100-DE

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