Sartorius Entris Toploading Balances

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Brand : Sartorius,Ohaus,Excellent,Metter Toledo,CAS

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Sartorius Entris Toploading Balances

Sartorius Entris Toploading Balances

When you need to get a heavy workload of repetitive applications done fast

  • White-backlit, high-contrast display with 15 mm digits; easy to read in any lighting
  • Easy configuration of setting guided by menu-driven text prompts (choice of 5 languages) and simple navigation using cursor keys
  • External calibration only
  • RS-232C bidirectional interface port; optional cable for connection to a USB port
  • Total ease of operation
  • All keys have positive click action
  • Clearly defined control panel
  • Monolithic weighing cell provides thermal stability and fast response times
  • Language-driven user interface
  • Unit toggle of up to 5 units

APPLICATIONS : Percent weighing, unit toggle, animal weighing, net-total, calculation, density determination and counting

Capacity Readability Repeatability Linearity Pan Size Mfr.No.
6200g 10mg 10mg 30mg ---- ENTRIS6202-1S
4200g 10mg 10mg 30mg ---- ENTRIS4202-1S
3200g 10mg 10mg 30mg ---- ENTRIS3202-1S
2200g 10mg 10mg 30mg ---- ENTRIS2202-1S
820g 10mg 10mg 30mg ---- ENTRIS822-1S
8200g 100mg 100mg 300mg ---- ENTRIS8201-1S
5200g 100mg 100mg 300mg ---- ENTRIS5201-1S
2200g 100mg 100mg 300mg ---- ENTRIS2201-1S

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