Soldering Station

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Soldering Station

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Make the impossible possible with Super Power of 300 W Heater.
FX-801 can provide tremendous heating performance with super power 300 W composite heater.Check out the powerful performance of FX-801 easily melting a bar solder.Compact and lightweight (50 g) for this heavy duty 300 W iron

Same weight as the iron part of FX-838 150 W soldering station. Great operator's comfort and workability.

Easy Tip Replacement
The composite tip makes tip replacement easy.

Large LED Display

LED display which is almost double the size of the previous model, makes it much easy to view.

Preset Mode
Up to 6 settings can be preset and easily called up by the Up/Down buttons.

Password Function
Settings can be locked from unnecessary changes through password protection.

Auto Sleep/Auto Shut-off Function
Safety design automatically enters sleep/shut-off mode when iron is placed in iron holder. This function automatically cools down tip temperature and shut-off power when not in use for a certain period of time.

Handles on unit Body
Handles on unit body make it easy to carry.

Compatible with N2 System (Option)
Replacing the iron part (FX-8002) with an optional N2 iron part (FX-8003) will enables the use of N2.
*Appropriate option nozzle assemblies for each tip shape are necessary.

Packing List

  • FX-801Station
  • Handpiece (FX-8002)
  • Heat resistant pad
  • Power cord
  • Connecting cable
  • Iron holder (with cleaning wire)
  • Instruction manual


Model No: 801

Power consumption :300W

Temperature range :50 to 500ºC

Temperature stability :±5ºC at idle temperature


Output Voltage:AC 29V



Soldering Iron

Power Consumption :260W (29V)

Tip to ground resistance:<2Ω

Tip to ground potential :<2mV

Heating element:Composite heater

Cord length:1.2m

Total length:228mm (with 4BC tip)

Weight:50g (with 4BC tip)

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