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Wet Film Thickness Gauges are used to determine the thickness of liquid coatings. The measurements show an approximate information on the thickness of a liquid layer. The Wet Film Thickness Gauge is available in rectangular or sexangular shape with different subdivisions of the measuring range each The tolerance of a particular gauge will be so certified at gauge midpoint and near its lower and upper recommended use limits and a suitable certifi cate will be included with the shipment of the gauge. There are three levels of certifi cation available: Full Certification of both sides of the gauge for Mil and Micron, Single Scale certification in Mil, Single Scale certifi cation in Micron.

STANDARD: ASTM D 4414-A, ISO 2808-7B, BS 3900-C5-7B, NF T30-125.

Wet film thickness gauge (Rectangular)

Model WFR-A80/WFR-S80
Material Aluminium(WFR-A80)
Material Stainless steel (WFR-S80)
Size 83 x 58 mm2 approx
Thickness 0.8 mm approx
4 Measuring ranges 1 to 6 Mil (25 to 152 Micro)7 to 12 Mil (178 to 305 Micro)14 to 30 Mil (356 to 762 Micro)35 to 80 Mil (889 to 2032 Micro)
Scale indications front Mil, rear Micro

Wet film thickness gauge (Hexagonal)

Model WFH-A113/WFH-S113
Material Aluminium(WFH-A113)
Material Stainless steel (WFH-S113)
Thickness 0.8 mm approx
Measuring ranges 0 to 113 Mil (25 to 3000 Micro)
Scale indications front Mil, rear Micro

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