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Brand : Matest,Forney,Gilson,Humboldt,Ele

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Code : B098N

Used to detect and check any irregularity in both bituminous and concrete road surfaces. The unit consists essentially of a 3 metre long beam fixed on two rigid wheels at the extremities. In the middle of the beam a sensing unit comprising a wheel connected to an

indicator provides a magnification of 4:1 and measures deviations of the surface. The deviations are shown on a scale calibrated in increments of 2 mm up to 10 mm and 5 mm up to 25 mm. The beam is supplied as three sub-assemblies which are quickly assembled on site.

Dimension: 790 x 3200 x 1080 mm approx.

Weight: 55 kg approx.



Code : B098-01N


When connected to the Travelling Beam Device mod. B098N, it provides a permanent record of the surface profile. It records up to 1000 metre surface on the special chart paper rolls. Supplied complete with 10 chart rolls and 2 fibre-tipped pens.

B098-03N DYE-MARKER with paint bottle, used to identify suspect areas.

B098-05 WOODEN CARRYING CASE to house the Travelling Beam Device.

Dimensions: 1480 x 680 x 510 mm approx.


B098-11 Pack of 10 chart rolls for approx. 1000 metre run.

B098-12 Fibre-tipped pen for use with the recorder.

B098-13 Dye-marker paint bottle.

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