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Standard Method : ASTM D7298; AASHTO T 88

Tests for complete particle size distribution in soils require sedimentation methods to determine silt and clay fractions. Soil specimens are mixed in a solution of water and sodium hexametaphosphate. Hydrometers are used to measure suspended solids in sedimentation cylinders over time periods of up to twenty four hours

Hydrometer Test Components Description Model
ASTM 151H Soil Hydrometer is graduated to read specific gravity, with a range of 0.995 to 1.038 in 0.001divisions at 68°F (20°C). Supplied with a certificate of calibration traceable to NIST SA-1
ASTM 152H Soil Hydrometer measures in grams per liter (g/L) of suspension and has a range of -5 to +60g/L, in 1g/L divisions at 68°F (20°C). Both models have 280mm total length. Supplied with a certificate ofcalibration traceable to NIST. SA-2
1000ml Sedimentation Cylinder (hydrometer jar), is required for each sample. Cylinders are heavy-wall clearglass with a stable base, scribed at 1,000ml mark. An optional #12 Neoprene Stopper is convenient for useduring agitation. Product Dimensions: 18x2.5in (457x64mm) HxDia. SA-5
Stirring Apparatus thoroughly mixes soil samples using a special mixing blade and a baffled dispersion cup.The Apparatus has selectable 13,000/16,000/18,000rpm speeds and an aluminum housing with 5ft (1.5m)cord. The Stirring Apparatus can be purchased by itself, or as the SA-12 set, which includes the BaffledDispersion Cup. Additional Stainless Steel Dispersion Cups are available separately to improve samplepreparation efficiency. SA-12
Sodium Hexametaphosphate is available in dry powder form as a dispersing aid when mixing soil samplesolutions. Use is required in the test method and prevents clay platelets from sticking together in the sedimentationsolution SA-20
Constant Temperature Bath is an option when conducting the Hydrometer Test, and maintains temperatureat a uniform 68°F (20°C) ±0.5°C with gentle, thorough circulation. Built-in brackets hold eight SA-5 SedimentationCylinders. Bath has stainless steel interior parts; exterior is enameled steel. An over-temperaturesafety cutoff is provided. Product Dimensions: 50x12x18in (1,245x356x965mm), LxWxD; Internal ProductDimensions: 38x8x15.5in (1,270x305x457mm), LxWxD SA-25

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