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The dynamic plate load test by means of the Light Weight Deflectometer enables an uncomplicated bearing capacity test and compaction control of soils, non-cohesive subbases and soil improvements – with-in only 2 minutes – just place the device, measure and evaluate immediately!Inbuilt soil layers can be tested very quickly and with-out load abutment, facilitating quick assessments of test lots even under limited space conditions. The test method is suited for coarse-grain and mixed grain soils having a maximum grain size of 63mm and can be used to determine the dynamic modulus of deforma-tion of soil in the range of Evd = 15...70 MN/m².The dynamic plate load test is described in the Engi-neering Code for Soil and Rock in Road Construction TP BF-StB part B 8.3 issue 2012.Detailed correlations to other test methods exist.

Areas of application :

Road - and railway construction, earthworksQuality assurance in canal constructionCompaction control in pipe trenchesTesting of pavement beddingsTesting of foundation backfillQuality inspection in boreholesTesting of modulus of deformation within the framework of soil examination.


Technical data LFG Pro LFG 4
Electronic settlement measuring instrument :
- Settlement measuring range 0,1 bis 2,0 mm ± 0,02 mm ü ü
- Measuring range Evd < 225 MN/m² ü ü
- Temperature range 0 to 40 °C ü ü
- Very robust, splash-water proof, connection cable with high- ü ü
quality LEMO connectors
- Graphic display in mm 56 x 73 38 x 68
colourful, lightsensor-controlled and illuminated ü
black/white ü
- Help function ü
- Fast, efficient 32-bit processor ü
- Bluetooth, USB, thermal printer interface ü ü
- GPS ü optional
- Dimensions in mm 210 x 100 x 31 211 x 100 x 26
- Storage capacity, internal in measurement series 1000 500
- Power supply:
high-performance rechargeable ü
lithium-polymer-battery 3,7 V, 6300 mAh
4 x R6 Batterien ü
- Menu navigation (18 languages available) ü ü
Loading Mechanism :
- Total weight 15,0 kg ü ü
- Drop weight 10,0 kg ü ü
- Max. impact force 7,07 kN ü ü
- Duration of impact 17,0 ± 1,5 ms ü ü
- Material: zinc coated/hard-crome plated steel ü ü
- Spring element 17 disk springs ü ü
Load plate :
- Diameter 300 mm, Plate thickness 20,0 mm ü ü
- Total weight 15,0 kg, Material: zinc coated steel ü ü

Produk Sejenis :

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Produk Sejenis :

Click Here : LWD Test (Light Weight Deflectometer Test) Catalogue

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