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According to ASTM CNS 11297 Standard Practice for Capping Cylindrical Concrete Specimens, there are some key factors for using capping materials :

1. ASTM c617 4.1: Capping Plates—Neat cement caps and high-strength gypsum paste caps shall be formed against a glass plate at least 6 mm [1⁄4 in.] thick.

2. ASTM c617 4.2: Suitable alignment devices, such as As: As guide bars or bull's-eye levels, shall be used in conjunction with capping plates to ensure that no single cap will depart from perpendicularity to the axis of a cylindrical specimen by more than 0.5° (approximately equivalent to 3 mm in 300 mm [1 ⁄8 in. in 12 in.]).

3. ASTM c617 5.1: The strength of the capping material and the thickness of the caps shall

4. ASTM c617 5.1.3: The compressive strength of capping materials shall be determined by testing 50 mm [2 in.] cubes following the procedure described in Test Method C109/C109M.

5. According to ASTM c617 5.1.4: The strength Of the capping material shall be determined on receipt of a new lot and at intervals not exceeding three months.

Capping Gypsum Around 30 mins, the strength of the gypsum can reach 5,000~9,000 psi (350~630 kgf/cm2). This type of gypsum is mostly used in the capping material for concrete compression test according to ASTM C617 standard, so our high strength Capping Gypsum the offer the convenient and excellent testing material for civil engineering industry.

Capping Strength Perfomance

Product Capping Gypsum Consist Of :

A. Capping Gypsum S-420

S-420 features the high quality and high strength concrete test capping material. It is designated as the most reliable product by many professional testing labs. The high reputation of S -420 raised the demand. Modern buildings such as high-rise construction request S-420 as the minimum strength as qualification.

The water to gypsum ratio for S-420 is recommended to be 21-22%. After simply mixing with water, the gypsum is ready to use immediately and will be fully solidified after approximately 30 minutes and reach the strength over 420 kgf/cm2, Equals to 6000psi.

With Compressive Strength and Maximum Thickness of Capping Materials.

B. Capping Gypsum S-350

S-350 is the most popular concrete capping products of Capstone Series. S-350 provides the best balance of working ability and strength performance for concrete capping.The water and gypsum ratio for S-350 is recommended to be 23-24%. After simply mixing with water, the gypsum can be used immediately and will fully harden in approximately 30 minutes. with strength reaching over 350 kgf/cm2, equals to 5000psi.

With Compressive Strength and Maximum Thickness of Capping Materials.

C. Capping Gypsum S-280

S-280 is the entry level Concrete capping product of the Capstone Series. It provides the basic compressive strength with the lowest price.

The water-gypsum ratio for S-280 is recommended to be 25-26%. After simply mixing with water, the gypsum can be used immediately and will fully harden inapproximately 30 minutes. With strength reaching over 280 kgf/cm2, equals to 4000psi

With Compressive Strength and Maximum Thickness of Capping Materials

According to the regulations of US ASTM C617 standard, it is allowed to use high strength gypsum in capping cylindrical concrete specimens. Compared with other methods, gypsum capping is the most convenient, efficient, rapid, and safest capping method.

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