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Cast iron, for forming concrete cylinder sample

Dimension (l x w x h) : 15 x 15 x 25 cm / 20 x 20 x 35 cm

Gross weight : 12 kg / 17 kg

Concrete Cylinder Mold 10 cm dia x 20 cm height.

Concrete Cylinder Mold 15 cm dia x 30 cm height.

Concrete Cylinder Molds with unique characteristics, including biodegradable, reusable, plastic, steel and temperature-protective, designed to meet your fresh concrete testing needs.

Concrete Cylinder Molds are compliant with ASTM C31, ASTM C192 and ASTM C470 standards, as well as AASHTO M 205, AASHTO M 205M, AASHTO R 39 and AASHTO T 23 standards.

  • Plastic Concrete Cylinder Molds, Single-Use are disposable, single-use, non-absorptive molds. Available in 6x12in (152x305mm), 4x8in (102x203mm), 3x6in (76x152mm) or 2x4in (51x102mm) dimensions. They have an unlimited shelf life and a unique additive that makes them biodegradable in landfills and composting facilities.
  • Steel Concrete Test Cylinder Molds are heavy-duty and reusable time after time. These concrete test cylinder molds are made of steel, provide uniformity, perform well under severe use, and come with or without a carrying handle. They are available in 6x12in (152x305mm) and 4x8in (102x203mm) dimensions.
  • Cast-Iron Concrete Cylinder Molds are available in 4x8in (101.6x203.2mm) and 6x12in (152.4x304.8mm) sizes, and designed for long-term and repetitive use.
  • Plastic Concrete Cylinder Mold, Reusable constructed of heavy-wall plastic and designed for repeated use. They provide consistent specimens and offer a cost-savings over disposable molds.
  • TempGuard Polystyrene Concrete Cylinder Mold are reusable and have unique insulating qualities that offer protection from both hot and cold temperature fluctuations on the job site. They are available in 4x8in (102x152mm) dimensions.

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