Nicolet iS20 FTIR Spectrometer

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Nicolet iS20 FTIR Spectrometer

Nicolet iS20 FTIR Spectrometer

Description Nicolet iS20 FTIR spectrometer
Integrated validation wheel with Shott NG-11 glass and NIST traceable, serialized polystyrene film
Voltage 100/240 V
Beam Splitter KBr/Ge mid-infrared optimized (standard) ; XT-KBr/Ge extended range mid-infrared (optional)
Components LightDrive Optical Engine components :
source, laser, interferometer and detector
Description Nicolet iS20 FTIR spectrometer
Detector Type Standard – Fast-recovery deuterated triglycine sulfate
(DTGS) detector; Optional – High-
(L x W x H)
570 x 550 x 250 mm
(22.4 x 21.6 x 9.8 in.)
100/240 V, 50/60 Hz
For Use With
Polymers and Plastics ; Analytical Services ; Quality Control QA/QC ; Pharmaceuticals ;
Education ; Forensics ; Gemstone Analysis
For Use With
SMART Accessories, Nicolet iZ10 spectrometer module,
TGA-IR, Nicolet iN5 FTIR Microscope, Continuum Microscope Photoacoustic accessories,
Standard commercially available accessories
Humidity Tightly sealed and desiccated to resist ambient humidity ; purge-ready
Interface PC USB 2.0
Laser Solid-state, temperature controlled diode laser
(10-year warranty)
Signal To
Noise Ratio
50,000:1 (peak to peak, 1 minute measurements, factory verified)
Standard: Single point source with non-migrating hot-spot for unmatched data reproducibility (10-year warranty), Optional: Tungsten/halogen source for mid-near IR measurements
7800 to 350 cm-1 optimized, mid-infrared KBr beamsplitter,
11,000 to 375 cm-1 XT KBr extended range mid-infrared optics
Better than 0.25 cm-1
Weight (English) 70 lb.
Weight (Metric) 32 kg
Width (English) 21.7 in.
Width (Metric) 550 mm
Unit Size Each

Nicolet iS20 FTIR Spectrometer

Trusted by thousands of users around the world, the Nicolet iS10 FTIR Spectrometer set the benchmark for analytical FTIR instruments. Now, the Nicolet iS20 FTIR Spectrometer resets the standard and pushes the limits of innovation to the next level. With its redesigned optical engine and modern industrial design, the Nicolet iS20 spectrometer creates the perfect combination of the instrument platform FTIR users loved with the improvements they need.

Accurately discern multi-component samples: advanced LightDrive optical engine technology delivers higher spectral resolution (0.25 cm-1) and single-to-noise ratios (50,000:1) to help identify possible contaminants or characterize defects present in small quantities

Improve data reproducibility: state-of-the-art infrared source eliminates hot spot migration, resulting in more consistent spectral data, especially through an attenuated total reflectance (ATR) accessory

Streamline workflow productivity: multi-colored LED touch panel provides visual feedback on instrument status for increased productivity(ready, scan, alert); System Performance Verification (SPV) assures day- to-day results are trusted

Reduce cost of ownership: 10-year warranty on the source, laser and interferometer provides peace of mind; the LightDrive interferometer provides a 5-fold increase in relative lifetime over current interferometer technology, minimizing the need for replacements

Share data anytime, anywhere: upload data to the Thermo Fisher Cloud using this cloud-enabled FTIR spectrometer. Students can upload, analyze and share data away from the instrument using the OMNIC Anywhere App on their PC, Apple Computer, Android, or iOS device. All Thermo Fisher Cloud accounts come with 10 GB of free storage.

Be compliant, be sure: fully-automated validation test routines are available for IQ/OQ (installation and operational qualification), European Pharmacopeia (Ph. Eur.), United States Pharmacopeia (USP), Japanese Pharmacopeia (JP) and China Pharmacopeia (CP); 21 CFR Part 11 compliance and data security packages are available

Easily add new capabilities: spectrometer recognizes Thermo Scientific™ Smart™ Accessories, commercially available third party accessories, TGA-IR module, and external microscopes to adapt to challenging sample needs now and in the future

Find more unknowns: award-winning Thermo Scientific™ OMNIC™ Software is a familiar interface that now comes enhanced with OMNIC Specta software, including a library of >9,000 chemical spectra, so that you can quickly identify unknowns with innovative multi-component search routines

Applications: Polymers and Plastics; Analytical Services; Quality Control QA/QC; Pharmaceuticals; Education; Forensics; Gemstone Analysis

Nicolet iS20 FTIR Spectrometer

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