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ASTM D4944; AASHTO T 217; FLORIDA FM 5-507

The gas-pressure method for moisture determination has long been in use and is widely accepted for accurate field testing of soils, aggregates, coal, abrasives and other materials. These devices are essentially pressure ves sels and depend on the formation of gas when calcium carbide reacts with moisture in the sample. A precision gauge in the sealed chamber measures pressure for relative readings and results are easily correlated to laboratory results for enhanced accuracy. Gilson Aqua-Check is made in the USA and an affordable choice for rapid, accurate and reliable moisture tests on sand, aggregates, ores, coal, soils and other materials with particle size up to 20mm (0.8in). Samples are quickly tested on-site, eliminating risk of moisture loss during transport. Portable units are easy to use and meet ASTM, AASHTO and Florida DOT requirements. The Gilson Aqua-Check was evaluated by the Florida DOT and verified to meet FM5-507 DOT requirements. A pre-weighed 20g sample is placed in the test chamber, along with a measured quantity of calcium carbide reagent. When the chamber is sealed and agitated for one to three minutes, free moisture in the test sample reacts with the reagent to produce acetylene gas. The integral pressure gauge registers 0—20% moisture by weight in 0.2% graduations. Moisture range can be doubled by halving the pre-weighed sample weight.


Click Here : Gilson Aqua-Check Moisture Tester Catalog

MA-26X Aqua-Check has a rugged, die-cast aluminum body with a tough, wear resistant coating and includes a 0—20x0.2% pressure gauge, with certificate of calibration. Also included are an electronic digital balance, two 1.25in (32mm) dia. steel pulverizing balls, reagent measuring scoop, brush and instructions in a heavy-duty, waterproof plastic case. Approximate pressure chamber dimensions: 14x5.5in (356x140mm), Lxdia. Recalibration of existing Aqua-Check gauges is available as MAA-53. Calcium Carbide Reagent is available separately in 10lb (4.5kg) cans as MAA-44. The pressure gauge and all accessories are compatible with both Aqua-Check and Speedy-brand Moisture Testers.

MAA-45 Aqua-Check 0—20% Replacement Pressure Gauge includes a certificate of calibration. Due to shipping restrictions, reagent is sold in 10lb (4.5kg) cans only. Reagent from these larger cans can be used to replenish smaller containers, MAA-43 or SC-116, for field use.

Product Dimensions: 20x17x9in (508x431x228mm), WxDxH.

Gilson Aqua-Check Moisture Tester MA-26X

Accessories :

  • Calcium Carbide Reagent, 10lb can MAA-44
  • Empty 1lb Metal Can for Reagent (can only) MAA-43
  • Aqua-Check 0—20% Pressure Gauge MAA-45
  • Recalibration of MAA-45 Pressure Gauge MAA-53
  • Electronic Balance, 220 x 0.1g OB-205
  • 1.25in (32mm) Steel Balls, pkg. 2 MAA-47
  • Sample Cup MAA-52
  • Long-Handle Reagent Scoop MAA-48
  • Large, Coarse Clean-Out Brush MAA-51
  • Small, Fine-Bristle Brush MAA-50
  • Heavy-Duty Waterproof Plastic Case MAA-46
  • Round Plastic Sample Jars, pkg 12 SC-116

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Click Here : Gilson Aqua-Check Moisture Tester Catalog

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