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Brand : Matest,Qualitest,Controls Group,Cooper Technology,Gilson Co.Matest,Humboldt Mfg

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STANDARD METHOD : EN 12390-1, BS1881


Use high-power heating tube, it can quickly increase the temperature in the cabinet to setted temperature. Use advanced ultrasonic humidifier, it has automatic constant control humidifi cation for fog, make sure that the humidity in the cabinet 95%.

Model TPBY - 40B
Temperature Control Type Automatic
Humidity Control Type Automatic
Max Temperature 20 ± 2°C
Accuracy ± 1°C
Relative Humidity Control 95%
Compressor Frequency 145W
Heat Power 600W
Effictive Capacity 590 × 550 × 1180 mm
Power 220V ; 50Hz
Net weight 120 Kg

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