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  • Built by Gilson, backed by Gilson
  • Accurate results
  • Simple and efficient
  • Silent Sifter® and Silent Sifter® ll: “The quietest in the industry”


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Rotary Sifters by Gilson bring innovative performance updates and Gilson guaranteed quality and reliability to a long-proven design favored by many state DOTs. Our newest Silent Sifter® models reflect today’s emphasis on noise reduction and worker protection in the laboratory environment. The totally enclosed cabinet is high quality CNC machined MDF board, precisely fitted to confine and control airborne respirable quartz, silica, crystalline particles, and other nuisance dusts. An ergonomically positioned side knob allows for easy tilting of the cabinet between loading and testing positions. No clamping is required, simply place the sieve stack in the cabinet, close the door, tilt the cabinet to test position, and press start. A safety interlock switch disables the sifter and resets the timer if the door is opened during the test. The full width door swings open fully on heavy-duty commercial grade hinges to permit easy loading and unloading of sieves. Bearing and rod safety covers eliminate exposed moving parts below the cabinet for greater compliance with OSHA regulations. Adjustment between 8 to 12in or 200 to 300mm diameter sieves is a simple turn of a spring-loaded knob and repositioning of the turntable. Sieve stack capacity ranges from six 12in/300mm diameter full-height sieves with pan, to twenty 8in/200mm diameter half-height sieves with pan. Rubber-covered drive rollers continuously rotate the sieve stack and particle separation is aided by individual tapping hammers. The digital countdown timer with large LED display precisely times operation up to 99 minutes, 59 seconds at ±1 second for precise repeatability. The timer features easy, one-button operation and settings are saved between cycles. The cabinet is mounted on a sturdy, powder-coated ASTM A513 heavy steel tubing stand. Hammer assemblies are 6061 aluminum alloy with Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) Polyethylene heads. The system is driven by a dependable 1/4hp continuous-duty motor. Users of other Rotary Sifters can still take advantage of Gilson’s advances in design, along with better pricing and availability by upgrading commonly replaced parts with Gilson components. Gilson Hammer Assemblies, Hammer Heads, and Timers fit all current rotary sifter brands and are designed for efficient operation and long service life. Inquire for other quality replacement components.

Product Dimensions: 19x24x58in (483x610x1,473mm), WxDxH.

SS-21 Silent Sifter® significantly reduces operational noise levels with no loss of performance. Design modifications made using Gilson’s proprietary silencing technology have resulted in a unit with noise levels 7– 10dB lower than other rotary sifters. The floor stand of the SS-21 is equipped with 4in diameter hard rubber locking swivel casters for easy mobility in the lab. The Silent Sifter makes a significant contribution to the reduction of noise levels in your lab.

SS-22 Silent Sifter® ll offers the highest level of noise reduction and much lower dust levels. Specially engineered with advanced soundproofing materials and techniques, this sifter is 16 – 18dB quieter than standard rotary sifters and 8 – 10dB quieter than even our SS-21 Silent Sifter®. A heavy-duty, over-center lever latch pulls the door tightly against the case gasket, ensuring a tight, dust proof seal that enhances noise control. This is your first choice for enhanced worker protection and reduction of nuisance noise levels while maintaining a high level of accuracy and repeatability. The Silent Sifter® II includes durable 4in hard rubber locking casters on the frame.

SS-20 Rotary Sifter offers classic design and efficient operation in an economic package. Advanced design, upgraded materials, and efficient operation put the SS-20 a step above ordinary rotary sifters, while maintaining compliance with specification requirements. For ease of mobility, SSA-77 4in Hard Rubber Locking Swivel Casters may be purchased separately for the SS-20.

Gilson Rotary Sifters :

Gilson Rotary Sifter, 115V, 60Hz SS-20, 230V, 50Hz SS-20F

Gilson Silent Sifter®, 115V, 60Hz SS-21, 230V, 50Hz SS-21F

Gilson Silent Sifter® II, 115V, 60Hz SS-22, 230V, 50Hz SS-22F

Accessories :

  • Rotary Sifter Hammer Assembly SSA-72
  • Rotary Sifter Hammer Head SSA-74
  • Rotary Sifter Timer/Controller SSA-76
  • Rotary Sifter 4in Locking Swivel Casters SSA-77
  • Bearing Covers SSA-16
  • Replacement Tapper Caps SSA-12

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