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ASTM C88; AASHTO T 104; CTM 214; PTM 510

The Sulfate Soundness test subjects aggregate samples to alternate cycles of immersion in sodium or magnesium sulfate solution and oven drying. Aggregates are placed into sample sieves, stacke into the sieve holder, then lowered into the sulfate solution buckets. The solution buckets can be placed inside the water bath tank, to regulate temperature.


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Description :

Aggregate Sample Sieves hold sample materials for immersion in sulfate solution. Sieves for coarse aggregate are 8in (203mm) diameter, full-height stainless steel No.5 or No.10. Blank frame sieves are full height, 8in (203mm) diameter sieve frames with no mesh and extend the overall height for coarse aggregate samples when stacked. Fine Aggregate Sieves are Full or Half-Height, 8in stainless steel No. 70 sieves.

8in Full-Height, No.5 V8SF #5

8in Full-Height, No.10 V8SF #10

8in Full Height, No. 70 V8SF #70

8in Half-height, No. 70 V8SH #70

8in Full-Height Blank Frame SV-800

HM-447 - 8in Sample Sieve Holders hold up to seven stacked sample sieves, depending on sieve heights utilized. Stainless steel holders are designed to allow optimum fluid circulation. Handles lock upright, but fold for easy loading into drying ovens. Product Dimensions: 8x9x11in (203x229x279mm), WxDxH.

HM-452 - Solution Buckets hold sulfate solution for immersion of samples. One Bucket is required for each Sieve Holder. 6gal (22L) Buckets are thick-wall, high-density polyethylene with bail handles. Product Dimensions: 11.5x11.5x16.5in (292x292x419mm), WxDxH.

HM-444 - Washing Buckets are used to rinse sulfates out of specimens after immersion cycles. Water flows in through bottom and out through top overflow. 0.25in (6.4mm) thick, white polyethylene. Each Washing Bucket holds one Sample Sieve Holder. Interior Product Dimensions: 12x12x18in (305x305x457mm), LxWxH.

Solution Hydrometers measure specific gravity of sulfate solutions to ±0.001 SG. Choose hydrometer for use in Sodium Sulfate or Magnesium Sulfate solutions. MA-168 Product Dimensions: 1x14x1in (25x356x25mm), WxDxH.

MA-169 Product Dimensions: 1x13.5x1in (25x343x25mm), WxDxH.

Sodium Sulfate Hydrometer, 1.120–1.190 MA-168

Magnesium Sulfate Hydrometer, 1.240–1.310 MA-169

HM-442 - Water Bath Tank allows circulation of warmer or cooler tap water around the outside of the solution buckets when additional temperature regulation is required. The tank accepts up to four HM-452 Solution Buckets.The included fitted cover reduces temperature fluctuations and prevents evaporative loss. A thermometer to monitor water bath temperature is purchased separately. The tanks is 0.188in (4.5mm) thick white polyethylene and includes circulation and drain fittings. Interior Product Dimensions: 36x24x18in (914x610x457mm), LxWxH.

Platinum RTD Datalogging Thermometer is highly accurate and allows direct transfer of recorded data (CSV files) to PC or Mac using a USB flash drive (not included) — no need for additional software. Temperature range is –130° to 221°F (–90° to 105°C) with 0.01º resolution and accuracy of ±0.2°C across the entire range. Rolling datalogging memory captures temperatures at user-defined intervals from 1 minute to 24 hours with capacity for a year of recorded data using 1-minute intervals. Smart-Alarm™ visual and audible indicators signal continuously until acknowledged. Up to ten alarm events are stored and time-stamped in memory. Also features max/min, difference and average functions. This two-channel unit is available supplied with one or two 316 stainless steel factory-calibrated probes for connection to high-impact, chemical-resistant ABS plastic case with 10ft (3M) leads. Replacement probes must be factory-installed and calibrated. Each CE marked thermometer features NIST Traceable calibration from an A2LA lab and has a unique ID for identification. Includes AAA batteries, AC adaptor, built in stand and wall-mount accessories.

Product Dimensions: 2.75 x 0.75 x 4.25in (70x19x108mm), WxDxH.

Platinum RTD Datalogging Thermometer, w/1 Probe MA-246

Platinum RTD Datalogging Thermometer, w/2 Probes MA-247

MA-531F - ASTM S63F Thermometer is used to check temperatures while mixing solution and for periodic checks of water bath temperatures. Total immersion, 18°–89°F range, 0.2°F readability. Blue spirit-filled, white-backed glass with permanent graduations.


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